Abandoned places

History of Preston Castle

Preston Castle is located in the US, California. The construction of the Preston Castle in the Romanesque style of 46,000 square feet, which accommodate 120 rooms, began in the distant 1890.

The initiator of his creation was the state authorities, who needed a correctional facility for juvenile offenders. It is symbolic that the bricks for the castle were made by prisoners from nearby prisons, Folsom and San Quentin, after which the building materials were delivered by rail to the city of Yen in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

Abandoned places

By 1894 the castle was completed, and Preston Industrial School opened its doors. In the educational institution with military orders, the students spent half their time for lessons, and the rest – studying a profession that would help them to join the society after liberation. The building served as a house for the school until 1960, after which the correctional facility was moved to new buildings nearby.

For the next forty years, the castle remained abandoned, but in 2001, under the terms of the lease agreement, concluded for 50 years, he moved to the Preston Castle Foundation. Now the public organization is working on restoring the castle. The building was officially named the historic landmark of the State of California and entered into the National Register of Historic Monuments.

Abandoned places

It has long been rumored that ghosts live in the castle, that’s why hunters for ghosts of all sorts often go there, as well as simply curious lovers of supernatural phenomena. During the existence of the building, people died there several times, but the most famous otherworldly inhabitant is the housekeeper Anna Corbin, who was beaten to death in 1950.

For those who want to tickle the nerves, night tours are held, for participation in which you need to pay $ 100. For those who want to admire architecture in the light of day, excursions are available on Saturdays and Tuesdays from April to December.


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